There are many sites on the internet with very good information about evolution.  Unfortunately there are also a number of sites that were written by non-scientists and do not reflect current scientific understanding of the topics.  Here are some links to useful activities and sites that contains scientifically accurate information:  A great resource that covers the whole of evolution in detail in a friendly and readable way: The Natural History Museum website provides some good explanations for certain aspects of evolution with some nice images and informative answers to key questions.  A video by David Attenborough explaining the tree of life.  Good site to enrich the learning of long term changes. Focus on mammals changes and adaptations. This is a good article on misconceptions from the new scientist. This is also a good section on misconceptions from the Evolution 101 website.  This is a great game to develop an understanding about natural selection and evolution.   An amazing interactive tree of life.  Fun homeworks could be set asking about time of divergence of common ancestors, and who is more closely related to whom using this site.

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