game with lesson plan 2


The three challenges are as follows:

Building a shelter:

1)        Each pair takes a bolt in one hand and three nuts in the other hand.

2)        When both are ready, they start threading all three nuts onto their bolts, one at a time. (This represents constructing a shelter.)

3)        The first to thread all three nuts all the way to the bolt head has successfully constructed a shelter, and wins.

Swatting Mosquitoes:

1)        One person is the monkey and stands with their hands held out, palms up.

2)        The other person in the pair is the mosquito and holds their hands palms down just above the monkey’s hands.

3)        The monkey then attempts to move their hands quickly enough to slap the back of the mosquito’s hands before the mosquito can pull their hands out of the way.

4)        If the mosquito moves their hands fast enough they become the monkey if the monkey slaps the hands first they remain as the monkey.

5)        The winner is the monkey that can slap the mosquitoes hands successfully twice in a row.

Catching Termites

1)        Both partners take a cork with a needle in one hand and a thread in the other hand.

2)        When both are ready they try to thread the needle.

3)        The first to succeed is the winner.

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