Scenario 1

The temperature within the habitat changes dramatically. The climate is now very warm.

(Good lizards: small lizards that can hide under rocks, lizards with thin skin)

Scenario 2

There is a fire which burns down all the trees in the area turning the landscape black.

(Good lizards: Dark coloured lizards that can be easily camouflaged)

Scenario 3

A predator comes into the area which can easily eat the lizards.

(Good lizards: lizards that are camouflaged, that are small and agile, that can climb trees, small lizards that can hide)

Scenario 4

All the tall trees are cut down by humans leaving no shade or protection from the sun.

(Good lizards: lizards with thin skin, lizards that can store water and can go a long time without water)

Scenario 5

There is a flood which causes the ground to become marshy and boggy. Animals have to climb up into the trees to stay dry.

(Good lizards: small lizards with claws that can climb into the trees, light lizards with wide feet)

Scenario 6

A predator comes into the area which is very fast and agile.

(Good lizards: lizards that are fast and agile, light and long strides)

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